Any interest in GCC cross-compilers?

Walter Hunt (
13 Sep 1995 19:29:15 GMT

As a hack project, I ported GCC/GAS/binutils/etc. as a cross-compiler
from Sun/Linux/DOS to OS-9. Unfortunately, efforts to complete the necessary
paperwork to get this work donated to the FSF drowned somewhere in beaurocracy.
However, I have gotten permission to upload the port to the net. A few notes
about the port:

1. The port is of version 2.6.2. The 2.6.2->2.6.3 and 2.6.3->2.7.0
patches seem to apply cleanly, but I was unable to do any testing of the later

2. Objective-C won't compile. I didn't worry about it too much, since I
don't know Objective-C :).

3. The code is a *hack*. Please don't infer anything about my
programming ability from what you see in it.

4. I stole changes to support debug info from Stephan Paschedag's port
of GCC 2.5.8. Hopefully I didn't lose any of his copyright messages.

5. OS-9 specific options (as in the OS-9 hosted port) aren't supported.
It wouldn't take someone familiar with GCC sources long to add them in.

6. The compiler requires the OS-9 system libraries and includes.

7. There aren't any *known* bugs, although the vararg support seems to
be questionable.

8. The port is really only about 90% complete. It's enough to compile
things, and it seems to work OK, but it's missing a few useful capabilities
(like figuring out symbols for an executable, useful when using objdump to
disassemble something). Unfortunately, I will be leaving this job soon for one
that doesn't involve OS-9, so I will never get a chance to truly finish it.
Guess that's up to the net.

So, given all that, is there an interest in uploading this somewhere,
and if so, where and in what format? The port requires binutils-2.5.2 and
gcc-2.6.2, so the easiest for me would be to upload the whole source tree
(specially since I already have a .tar.gz of it). Unfortunately, it adds up to
11MB, which is a bit hefty. Or is there maybe a volunteer that could take the
.tar.gz and break it down in patches for everyone? I really don't have a lot of
time to deal with this, so if you're interested, I need to hear from you soon!

Walter Hunt
Philips Media						Los Angeles, Ca.