Online help for the Euler angles visualization module

This tool provides an easy interface to test the behavior of the rotation transformation with Euler Angles.

picture Euler-Angles

To animate the visualization of the Euler angles, type in the angles alpha beta and gamma in the following form and click the "go" icon. Then the displayed letter will rotate until the alpha, beta and gamma angle are reached. Please do not interrupt the webbrowser during the animation (this means, do not surf away or reload). Due to an error in the EAI (see the FAQ) implementation/specification your browser may be crash in this case.


IMPORTANT: To view these 3-D-VRML-models your Web-browser needs a VRML-plugin, please take a look at the download section.

If you still have problems take a look at the FAQ section.

If you need some help for the usage of the cosmoplayer (if you use this plugin) just click on the help button at the right side of the cosmoplayer window. A browser windows with usefull information will be opened.