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Collection of some usefull information to build and use the O9-GCC-Crosscompiler

All information here refers to the Xgcc from Walter Hunt avialable at

Maybe it's better to read this (Xgcc-HowTo from Mario Klebsch) first! Sorry the link is dead now (2/2001). I have no idea where Mario's pages are now. He has mentioned two enhancements to the os9-xgcc, but it seems his Files gcc-2.7.2-os9.diff.gz and binutils-2.5.2-os9.diff.gz are currently not avialable at ? Please sent me an Email if you knows something about the files.

IMPORTANT: If you need some floating-point support, you need the patch from Carl Kreider:

Here is a copy of his original posting to comp.os.os9 incuding the patch.

If you have problems to generate your own libgcc.a (libgcc1.a) and float.h (see porting and using gcc) you could ask Carl Kreider for a copy. (that works for me, thank you Carl! :-)

Carl Kreider has posted a second patch too!

Local usefull GCC-CROSS Informations

Links to usefull GCC-CROSS Informations