Dr.-Ing. Andreas Bischoff

Since 02/2021:

TU Dortmund University
Computing center (ITMC)
Dortmund, Germany
andreas DOT bischoff AT tu-dortmund DOT de

Since 06/2010:

University Duisburg Essen
Computing center (ZIM)
Essen, Germany
andreas DOT bischoff AT uni-due DOT de


University of Hagen, Department of Electrical Engineering, Control Systems Engineering group (PRT),  P.O. Box 940, D-58084 Hagen, Germany 

Tel.: (+49) 2331 987 1105
Fax: (+49) 2331 987 354
Room 030

E-Mail: andreas.bischoff@fernuni-hagen.de

Research Projects

  1. RichODL Project 1999-2002
  2. Enriching Open and Distance Learning by knowledge sharing for collaborative computer-based modelling and simulation


  3. RSVL Real Systems in Virtual Labs 1998-1999 Project within the MultiMedia initiative of the state NRW


  4. LEARNET 2001-2004 
  5. Learning and Experimentation in the Net
  6. Virtual environment for workshop-like events 2001
  7. Instant Messaging Project 2003
  8. The Blimp-Project 2003, an autonomous flying mobile robot.
  9. The Pioneer-Project 2004, an autonomous mobile Pioneer P3-AT robot.
  10. Pediaphon 2006, a Text to Speech interface to the German-, French-, Spanish-, and English language Wikipedia.
  11. L.A.S.E.R. project, land mine detection aided by autonomous flying robot 2008-2009
  12. iWBB project, fire fighting aided by autonomous flying robot 2008-2010


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Technical reports (contributions to the annual report of the Department of Electrical Engineering)

Research interests

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVE), Multiuser Virtual Reality
Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), e-Learning, m-Learning
Mobile Robotics
Wearable Computing 
Location Based Services (WLAN-localization, GPS-localization)

My Virtual Reality showcase ( german language, but more or less visual)

My little research video gallery  

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